Value Based Excellence

Only lived values are vivid values.

​Common values are becoming increasingly important and are considered the USP of the future. In addition, young customers and professionals force us to pare back the psyche of the company, to communicated even better and to put across messages properly. We have been working on this principle for more than 15 years and define the corporate values of our customers as the basis of our work and advise on this approach. 
Our concept  
1. Inputs und impulses
Presentations on various topics
2. Analysis
Review of values and messages
3. Value definition and corporate identity
Development of corporate values including vision, mission and mission statement
4. Design
Development of corporate design and CD guidelines
5. Communication
Communication consulting and implementation
6. Culture change
Accompanying change management with internal communication concepts, presentations, workshops and campaigns

First Swiss Hotel Collection

Development of values, vision, mission and corporate story in various workshops.  

Workshop (Creative solution)

the typical workshop set-up is not recognized any more. Particpiants are motivated to break their common structures and procedures and to think out of the box. 

Zusammenarbeit zwischen Generationen

The mutual understanding of the different generations is important for successful cooperation. In two formats, we demonstrate how a very successful cooperation is possible.

Roche «Activity Based Working»

Support of a strategic/change project
incl. worshops for vision, values, coporate story
incl. communikation concept, creation, text work and project management

Workshops for large groups

We moderate workshops with large groups, during which we draw on well-known large group methods such as World Café or Open Space Technology. We can also develop a suitable format together with you. 

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Development Corporate values & Corporate design
incl. concept and project management

Marshmallow Challenge

We make team processes visible – with tasks such as the ‘marshmallow challenge’. The participants have to build as tall a tower as possible using spaghetti, string, tape and a marshmallow. Creativity and enthusiasm also play their part and provide a welcome change to the conference routine. 

Hotel Villa Honegg

Development Corporate values & Corporate design
incl. concept and project management

Mental Excellence

You will discover how to use your own resources to improve your mental strength and adapt your subconscious to your goals and needs. Participants also learn how to acquire effective techniques and tools and how to apply these at any time.

Workshop Moderation

We plan and moderate workshops in German and English. Together with you, we will develop the workshop design based on your goals and will then moderate it on site.

Orion Insurance

Development of Corporate values & Corporate design incl. claim 
incl. concept, definition of values and project management