Activating participants

We connect you, digitally and in person. 

​Do you want to network your guests either live at the event through personal contact or as a digital experience? Do you need efficient participant management?
For on-site interactions, we offer team activities, voting tools, gamification, workshops and large group presentations. For all communication steps before and after the event, we work with the leading Swiss participant management tool «Evento» for applications and registration on site. 
Potential options at events
for 10 or more people 
  • Team activities
  • Gamification
  • Side entertainments
  • Voting tools
  • Event app
  • Presentations and workshops for small and large groups

Our solution for your web-based participant management
  • Evento participant management for applications, on-site registration, payment, lettershop services and controlling

Workshop (Creative solution)

the typical workshop set-up is not recognized any more. Particpiants are motivated to break their common structures and procedures and to think out of the box. 
Up to 200 participants. 

Beat the Star

The management or leaders’ team plays against the employee teams. The course can be composed of various tasks: quizzes, activities, guessing games, etc.
Groups of 10 persons or more

Activating employees

In the headquarter building of a Software company
Groups in a flow - subject "Innovation"
300 participants



«Evento» is a digital tool for guest and participant management. A web-based solution that ensures efficient management of your guests at the event, from the first moment of contact with customers and partners to the last. The guest and participant management tool modules can be configured according to your needs. 

Hunger Games

The team members compete in various events based on sport, knowledge, skill and luck.
Groups of 10 persons or more

Exhibition booth

We design your digital experience – whether for trade fairs, exhibitions or events. Potential elements:
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Multitouch tables
  • Holograms
  • Web and apps
  • Games

Corporate Game

The participants develop a board game together. Team members have the task of integrating various messages, the vision or other content into the moves of the game, thereby shaping the course of play. 
Groups of 4 persons or more

Chain Reaction

The chain reaction consists of multiple sections that are specifically tailored to the client’s requirements and are aligned with the team goals or strategic goals.
Groups of 20 persons or more

Rock Stars Battle

In your team, you will practice a song together and perform it live as rock stars. You will be supported during the preparation by a vocal or music coach.
Groups of 20 persons or more

Workshops for large groups

We moderate workshops with large groups, during which we draw on well-known large group methods such as World Café or Open Space Technology. We can also develop a suitable format together with you. 

Adventure Room

The specially designed puzzle has to be solved together. The content is playfully communicated and helps to strengthen the team.
Groups from 20 persons or more

Marshmallow Challenge

We make team processes visible – with tasks such as the ‘marshmallow challenge’. The participants have to build as tall a tower as possible using spaghetti, string, tape and a marshmallow. Creativity and enthusiasm also play their part and provide a welcome change to the conference routine. 

CSR Activity: Repair a playground

Corporate social responsibility is a company’s commitment to a sustainable environment. We support organisers and teams in making their own contribution to this together.

CSR Activity: Refurbish a day nursery

Corporate social responsibility is a company’s commitment to a sustainable environment. We support organisers and teams in making their own contribution to this together.

Mental Excellence

You will discover how to use your own resources to improve your mental strength and adapt your subconscious to your goals and needs. Participants also learn how to acquire effective techniques and tools and how to apply these at any time.

CSR Activity: Toys for good

Corporate social responsibility is a company’s commitment to a sustainable environment. We support organisers and teams in making their own contribution to this together.

Workshop Moderation

We plan and moderate workshops in German and English. Together with you, we will develop the workshop design based on your goals and will then moderate it on site.

Photo hunt

The teams are given tasks, a digital camera and a site map and then get going. They have to complete various tasks and capture them visually, with no limits on creativity. If desired, knowledge- or skill-based tasks relating to the team meeting or the company can be included. 
Groups of 5 persons or more

Record a team song

The group produces their own song! The whole group will be divided into smaller teams, who rehearse the individual voices and/or verses of a famous song. The teams are supervised and supported by vocal coaches. Finally, the teams assemble as a whole choir and record their song together.
Groups of 10 persons or more 

GPS Hunt

As with the photo hunt, the groups set off with tasks and a GPS device to solve various tasks. The routes can be designed individually and with themed tasks. Individual tasks can also be documented with photographs.
Groups of 10 persons or more